Why I created No Heart, No Glory

I feel some context for why I created this newsletter may be helpful for some.

I have a vision. In spite of how chaotic things may seem right now, I see a bright new world ahead. A very different world. In this world, most people approach life with a core mindset of thriving, rather than just surviving (the latter is most people’s default mindset today, regardless of how much money they make).

A world where productivity or wealth isn’t the sole measure of a person. Where people create, rather than compete. Where rest and action are equally valued. Where a 9-5 or concepts such as “work-life balance” seem archaic. Where intuition and logic are equally important. Where the masculine and feminine are in true balance (this goes beyond just gender roles). Yin and Yang. Gods and Goddesses.

A more decentralized world (whether it be money or governance) where each individual recognizes and embodies their power. The rise of the sovereign individual and a return to authentic, organic communities.

It isn’t a perfect world (because anything perfect would probably be downright terrifying). But it is more balanced and authentic. What you see is what you get.

Who’s creating this world? We are.

But it’ll require each one of us to take accountability to step into our power and make a radical shift in consciousness from ego-living / the mind-matrix to heart-embodiment. This isn’t all love, light and roses. It’s raw and requires enormous courage.

I created this newsletter as a medium to spread this vision (the vision isn’t exclusively mine as I suspect many are feeling this way and ready for change), and a call for each one of us to rise and remember our true inner wisdom and power. I’ll write regularly to offer perspectives on these upcoming shifts, as well as wisdom on how to thrive in this environment and create magic in one’s career, business or life.

If this resonates, if you’re ready to create this new world together, if you’re ready to really roar, then start by subscribing below.

Who am I?

Some more context, this time on me and where I’m coming from.

I’m Amit, an ex-Product guy that exited the corporate world after 17 years of building and scaling products across various tech companies in Silicon Valley and Canada (mostly in semiconductors, but eventually in software as well).

Exiting wasn’t a decision I explicitly made, it just sort of happened. After my last role ended in 2019, I just never went looking for another job for the simple reason that I didn’t want to. After 17 years of working, and a few months of inner introspection, I realized that I fiercely value my freedom, and a 9-5 was at direct odds with this. This led to more introspection as I had no idea what to do next.

In the process I discovered something.

Dramatic pause…

I discovered myself. My real Self.

I realized that pretty much all my life decisions up to that point weren’t really mine. I mean, they were mine, but they were programmed responses based on what I picked up from society in general (stuff we all pick up). I was living and following a script. I had no idea what I actually wanted outside of what I was ‘supposed to want’. This led to more introspection.

Then the deprogramming began. I pretty much went into hermit mode (the pandemic made this easier), deep into an enlightening and at times scary inner journey. It brought me face to face with a lot of uncomfortable truths about the world, and more so about me. I finally faced a lot of demons I had been running from my entire life.

I call this programming the lure of the ego, or the ego-consciousness matrix that keeps us all under it’s spell. A lot of times, it leads to actions that aren’t resonant with who we really are. It leads to a lack of balance, compromise of individual freedoms, as the ego-matrix has especially suppressed our inner feminine (leading to an obsession with action, competition, productivity and the never-ending chase for ever more).

In this process, I discovered my heart. I realized the heart is the gateway to intuition, and a non-linear, non-temporal, non-spatial (divine?) intelligence that cannot be comprehended by the mind. Whereas the mind is fueled by logic, the heart embodies wisdom. The latter is sorely missing from our world today, and especially so in the corporate/tech world. A lot of issues in our world and society can be traced back to this imbalance between logic and wisdom.

So who am I? I’m a loving heart that likes to write/invest and is fiercely protective of his freedom.