Business Aesthetic

The Aesthetic


Do you feel it?

Once more.


What do these words make you feel?

Do you feel the energy? Do you sense the underlying power?

The stirring of a creative force. Strong yet Subtle. Inspiring yet Soft. Bold yet Vulnerable.

This is Aesthetic energy.

The Practical


Do you feel this energy?

Clear, direct, an energy that means business.

Business and work runs on the Practical. It needs to, to get sh*t done.

But somewhere, somehow we decided this was all we needed in our toolbox. This is business. This is technology. This is engineering. It’s not art.

So the Aesthetic was left to the artists and eccentrics.

This was/is a mistake in my opinion.

Especially for anyone with aspirations to be truly unique, truly innovative, to be in a league of their own, to swim in blue oceans. Relying only on the Practical will ensure you end up like everyone else (because it’s logical/predictable). Only the power of the Aesthetic can break you free (because it’s wild/unpredictable).

[Note: Aesthetic here is more than just pretty colors or beautiful designs (as great as they are) - it’s a mindset, an energetic approach to one’s life and work.]

A Marketing Plan that aims to inspire, vs. only meeting funnel KPIs.

A Content Strategy to authentically drive thought leadership and stir ideas, vs. only driving views.

A Product Roadmap to advance an industry/the status quo/the world forward, vs. only grabbing market share.

An Engineering Solution that is elegant and creative, vs. just getting it done and over with to check off a task list.

We can’t progress without the Practical, but it is soulless/robotic in isolation. The Aesthetic provides meaning. It provides soul. It provides beauty.

Likewise, in isolation, the Aesthetic can become divorced from reality. It needs the Practical to manifest it with skill.

Whatever you make or do, see it as Art. Do this and I dare you to not be inspired.

Analyze/study like the Scientist, create boldly/freely like the Artist.

Everything I said can be boiled down to this one, beautiful quote:

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
— Pablo Picasso

Have a wonderful week ahead,

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