Circles and Spirals

Sunflowers, weather patterns/hurricanes, shells, horns, leaves, galaxies, whirlpools, the path of draining water. Your DNA, your fingerprints, even the shape of your hair at the crown of your head.

Spirals are everywhere.

Of all the natural shapes, they occur the most commonly in nature.

They also offer a simple blueprint for living an extraordinary life.

But first..

The Circle

Most people (usually unconsciously) follow another blueprint - the Circle.

This is because the mind/ego loves the Circle. It wants you to think the same thoughts everyday. It wants you to worry about the same things. To fear the same things. To have the same insecurities or resentments. To react the same way. To keep going round and round, in an endless loop.

Why? It’s comfortable. It feels safe. It’s known. It’s the ego’s way of protecting you from the unknown outside the Circle.

As you’ve probably surmised, there is not much growth here.

(Note: One can be successful and achieve outer rewards with this blueprint. A (common) thought/pattern is to want more, have more, acquire more. But more, more, more is also a loop (usually the ego’s way of masking inner fears/lack). This Circle comes with outer rewards but limited opportunity for inner growth or balance/fulfillment.)

The Spiral

The Spiral offers a beautiful template for a life of graceful growth and evolution. Starting from the center, each new turn of the Spiral represents expansion (in mindset, skills, knowledge, experience, outer rewards, etc.).

This way of being demands a very high level of self-awareness to recognize where we may be unconsciously looping in Circles.

There is no need to force. You expand out naturally by following the gentle nudges of your heart/intuition. They will lead you to make gradual changes in your life towards your highest evolution. At times, this will be inner growth from facing/feeling your deepest, darkest fears/insecurities. Other times it will be outer growth with action/creating new experiences.

Like the Circle, the Spiral is endless, but unlike the Circle, there is balanced and continuous growth, evolution, expansion, transformation.

And a life lived this way can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Always keep the Spiral in mind as a metaphor for your growth.

But no worries if you forget - nature will always find a way to remind you.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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