The Game

Here’s the game…

You get a suit that can intelligently self-regulate and self-heal.

The suit comes with a powerful quantum computer to help you quickly process, understand and interact with your environment.

Oh, and the environment you’re interacting with…

Is actually a virtual projection created by the quantum computer. It’s an illusion. Like VR on steroids.

What does it project/create? Unlike an ordinary game, it’s whatever you, the player chooses. Whatever instructions you program it with.

The quantum computer also has a powerful radio, to exchange information with other quantum computers/players.

Together, this wireless network of quantum computers creates a shared virtual reality for players to experience together.

Each player has complete freedom to act, program and tune into what they want. This determines the individual reality they experience at any given time.

Maybe I made it obvious, maybe not.

But welcome to the Game of Life.

Books like ‘The Secret’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and countless others have popularized the idea that we create our reality (via the Law of Attraction, manifestation, etc).

And it’s mostly true. Most of us know this.

But it probably doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time.

This is why the Game is so good. We forget. We fumble. We get so immersed in it, so caught up, reacting to the highs, the lows. Completely oblivious we’re ultimately creating it all.

Even when we get reminded of how the Game works, not much usually changes.

So we continue playing/fumbling, unconsciously for the most part.

There’s nothing wrong with playing/fumbling unconsciously.

This is life. This is part of the experience.

But what if you’re ready for a different experience?

Where you participate as a fully conscious creator, i.e. play the Game, knowing you’re creating the Game?

I haven’t mastered the Game by any means, but here are a few things I’ve gathered through trial and (mostly) error:

(1) The Outer mirrors the Inner.

The Outer shows you what you truly believe and feel (about yourself, about others, about the world, about life).

This includes the stuff deeply tucked away in your subconscious.

Sometimes, we don’t want to admit these beliefs/feelings even to ourselves, because they may be (very) unflattering (insecurities, self-limitations, etc.).

But the Outer just reflects it all back to you in the physical.

(2) What you think is important. What you feel is even more important.

This is how you really program your quantum computer (brain/mind). This is your intent.

We live in a vibratory Universe. Everything vibrates.

The Universe responds to your vibration. Your vibration = how you feel.

Fear/lack are “lower” vibrations. Joy/abundance are “higher” vibrations.

The Universe is neutral - it doesn’t judge higher or lower. It will just give/show you what you are (your vibration).

(3) Feel it to heal it.

You can’t (shouldn’t) fake how you feel. Otherwise, you’re just avoiding and trapping it in your subconscious.

This is still an instruction to your quantum computer.

It will continue manifesting in your Outer until you feel it / learn from it.

If you feel lack, feel it. If you’re angry, feel it. If you’re sad, feel it.

This is how you can finally release/heal/learn (this is also how you gradually release those deep dark beliefs trapped in your subconscious).

Healing makes space for higher vibrations. Which will eventually reflect in your Outer.

Speaking of eventually…

(4) Patience is a virtue.

You can specify what you want. You just can’t specify when (at least I haven’t figured this out yet).

This is what makes the Game more fun (frustrating).

Getting impatient only further delays things - as this comes from lack. The Universe is happy to oblige.

A lot of times, there can also be important lessons for you in the wait.

(5) Networked.

We each experience our individual reality, but we also experience a shared global reality.

Our shared reality, what we experience together on the planet, is a reflection of the collective vibration.

But radios do exchange information with other radios.

Your brain is a powerful receiver that can tune into the collective. This also influences your beliefs and how you feel.

But your unique vibration also goes out to the collective.

So as you feel, as you heal, you do your bit in transmitting ripples of higher vibration and healing to the world.

This uplifts the experience for everyone.

(6) Cheat Code.

Your heart is the cheat code.

Seeing/living from your heart instantly puts you in a different vibration.

The highest vibration.


Trust your heart, and it will take your hand to lead you to your highest destiny - the life of your dreams.

The Game is simple. Not easy.

(Easy gets boring. Easy means you’re not learning much.)

We’ve spent eons creating/playing unconsciously.

And now we have the opportunity to create/play consciously. To truly tap into the God-like creative power within us.

Game on.

Have a wonderful weekend,