Two Polar Reads

On Losing $10M and a Roadmap For the Future

Two polar reads.

One on looking back, loss and lessons.

The other on looking ahead, opportunity and insights.


1) How to lose $10M

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”
— Warren Buffet

Andrew Wilkinson runs Tiny, a firm I really admire. They apply Warren Buffet’s Berkshire holding model to Internet businesses by buying “wonderful companies” on simple terms and promising founders to take good care of their businesses.

He also co-founded Flow in 2011, a SaaS project/task management platform.

Lots of (very painful) lessons followed. A must read if you’re interested in entrepreneurship or SaaS or just building winning products. Kudos to Andrew for baring all.

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2) A Roadmap For the Future

In the past, I’ve written about two key paradigm shifts that are now upon us:

  1. The Information age in our outer world (replacing the Industrial age)

  2. The Heart-consciousness age in our inner world (replacing the Ego-consciousness age)

The rules of the old don’t apply in the new. New paradigm. New rules.

@The Real Estate God has pulled together a succinct, powerful and no-BS roadmap on how to best navigate/thrive in the Information age. It aligns very closely with my thinking and changes I’ve been making in my life. A must read for those really looking to outperform this decade.

TL;DR (but seriously go read it to appreciate the context): Working a 9-5 is not it. The next decade will belong to those with skills to build assets, and/or buy/sell assets, and/or build a business around skills they can consult on.

I’ll add that honoring your heart/intuition will be your light amid the chaos and confusion. Don’t stumble blindly by relying solely on mind/logic.

New paradigm. New rules.

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Here’s to your prosperity,


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