What if Dragons are Real?

What if angels and demons are real?

What if witches and wizards are real?

What if fairies and mermaids are real?

What if vampires and werewolves are real?

What if giants are real?

What if the pyramids were built using more advanced technology than exists today?

What if an advanced civilization exists in inner earth?

What if an advanced civilization exists on Venus?

What if the mythological Gods (Viking/Norse, Greek, Hindu, Native Indian, Pagan, Egyptian, your pick) are real?

What if spirits are real?

What if trees are wise elders?

What if hawks, ravens and crows are our ancestors watching over us?

What if Mother Earth is a living, breathing Goddess?

(No, I’m not high.)

What if…what if…?

As children, our imaginations fly. Like vivid colors. Along the way, they get brought back down to earth by (a duller / more black & white) reality, as grown-ups see it.

We’re taught what exists, what doesn’t. What’s possible, what isn’t. What matters, what doesn’t. What to believe, what not.

We ask questions (kids love questions). But eventually, we accept it all. We fall under the “grown-up spell”. We get real.

What if the answer to some (or all) of my questions up top isn’t an immediate “not possible”.

What if there’s more? Way, way more.

Reality isn’t as black and white as we’d like to believe.

There’s much we don’t comprehend. Much we can’t see. Much we haven’t discovered. Much that hasn’t revealed itself to us.

“Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.”
— Unknown

What’s my point?

That it’s okay to imagine. To dream of more possibilities. To imagine different realities. To be more open. To release fixed mindsets. To loosen the tight grip on reality. To question again. To be innocent again. To be a kid again.

Highly creative people do this naturally. But this isn’t confined to creatives. Anyone can do this.

Living and creating from this space is an indescribable experience. Boundless. Expansive. Limitless. Like a superpower.

You open the door to the unseen and unknown. This is where possibility lives. This is where creativity lives. Anything goes.

You may or may not get an answer to whether dragons are real.

But at the very least, this is how you’ll get your next brilliant idea.

“Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
— Albert Einstein

Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy US Thanksgiving,