Why Can't I?

Shattering your limits

Why can’t I have a million followers on Twitter?

Why can’t I make tens of thousands of dollars from subscriptions every month?

Why can’t I make hundreds of thousands of dollars from consulting fees every month?

Why can’t I make millions of dollars from my investments every year?

Why can’t I write a bestseller?

I recently had an epiphany. I’ve played it small. I’ve been conditioned to play it small. The conditioning is so strong that it never even occurred to ask myself these questions. Being completely out of the realm of possibility for my mind, it continued to anchor itself in the safety of what it knew and deemed possible. Until now.

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the followers. It’s not about the recognition. I know these things in themselves will never provide true fulfillment or validation.

It’s not about chasing after success. It’s not about hustling or working super hard. It’s not about doing anything at the expense of my health, well being, family or loved ones.

But it is about living and staking a conscious claim on how I want to live. It’s about my faith and belief in my capability to serve and deliver value to this world.

How do you want to live? Is it with limited/conditioned possibilities and invisible boundaries that tell you how far you can and cannot go? Or do see unbounded, limitless horizons? If the latter, you are choosing to say yes to your full potential. You’re saying yes to serve in the highest way you can.

Because this is how you start.

You start by imagining. Seeing the countless possibilities. Daring to believe. Innocent like a child. Any conditioning and self-imposed limits be damned.

Figure out what your unique questions are. My list of questions above are things that excite me, align with what I love to do, how I wish to serve, what I’m good at or what I’m willing to invest in to improve. Will I achieve those things? Who knows. But there’s no way they’re happening if I don’t even dare to ask/believe.

So, what are your BIG “Why can’t I?”s.

Don’t limit. Don’t censor.

Write them down, say them out loud, or put them in the comments (they’ll inspire all of us).

Ask yourself why can’t I? And if you do, you’ll feel something. A sense of expansion. Expanding possibilities. Expanding probabilities.

Don’t let go of this feeling. Ask yourself everyday if you have to.

This is where it begins. This is how you dare to step into a new timeline.

Here’s to shattering your limits.


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