Work Like a Lion

Work Like a Lion

Not to knock the 9-5 (again), but this is one big reason I couldn’t do it anymore.

I work in bursts. Like most people, I get inspiration in bursts. This doesn’t fit well with a traditional 9-5.

While consistent action/progress is great, chronic action for the sake of action eventually numbs you. At least it numbs me. This is grazing.

Companies already have flex hours. What they really need is flex days. This will truly unlock the best people/creatives and get innovation flying.

How do I know? Because creativity doesn’t come on a schedule. It needs rest, it needs play to incubate. It then needs intensity and focus to execute. And a surefire way to kill all this is mandating chronic grazing on a schedule (add on meetings and other BS to ensure it truly gets wiped out).

While working like a lion cannot guarantee rock-star results (as nothing is ever guaranteed), it can give you a damn good shot as any. On the other hand, grazing like a cow will guarantee you will never achieve them.

Do the Work like You Don’t Need the Work

This tweet brought to you by yours truly.

I’m certain that our lives, our reality is a manifestation of our thoughts and mindset. They determine how we see the world, how we see ourselves, what we deem possible, and ultimately influence what actions we take (which then end up shaping our reality).

The subconscious mindset behind believing you need a job (to pay the bills, etc.) is “I cannot f*ck up because I need this to survive”. This is a mindset many people have.

Nothing wrong with it. But you can see it’s ridden with (self-imposed) limitations. And this becomes the reality you live with because this becomes all you know.

Contrast this with knowing you will always be okay, no matter what. You will always have enough. This is also a mindset. But it’s empowering. It will likely lead to very different actions from the former, leading to a very different reality.

The key is to know this. But this knowing won’t come by faking it. It will demand a price.

It will require you to kill the self-limiting programming you most likely inherited from your family or society. It will require you to uncomfortably face your fears/shadows around this.

This is the key to manifest the life you want.

Life is a Wild Ride

Speaking of manifesting the life you want, (Logan Paul is a YouTuber who just faced five-division boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout):

Pretty damn cool (btw, affirming is a great way to get to knowing, but it’ll still require you to face your biggest fears).

Have a wonderful weekend,

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